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Escape Games Finland

a comprehensive directory

Escape Games Finland
is a complete catalogue of all the escape rooms and escape games in Finland. The visitors can search for a suitable game either by location or by theme as well as review the games they have played. The rooms will be reviewed in four categories: puzzles and riddles, room design, gamemaster and overall experience.


What is an escape room?

Escape room, escape the room, adventure room, quest room… many names for one of the fastest growing leisure time activities in the 2010’s. The basic idea is extremely simple: a player has a limited time to solve a series of tasks. Usually the tasks are puzzles or riddles and you need a team of at least two people to solve them. Everything else is dependent on the company: sometimes you are locked inside of a room, sometimes the door is unlocked; sometimes you might find yourself solving puzzles in the buzz of a city or in the quietness of a forest. There might be a story to follow or a treasure to be found. Whatever the details, everything is solvable with the information at hand – no superpowers required.

Escape Games in Finland

Finland’s first escape room was opened in 2014 in Helsinki. Still in the same year three other companies opened their first rooms in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. Nowadays there are almost 70 companies all over Finland and altogether more than 250 rooms.

Escape Games Finland

Escape Games Finland was launched in September 2016 and it’s sole purpose is to offer a comprehensive directory of all the escape games in Finland. The site is updated on a weekly basis since there are new escape rooms opening every month. We are currently working on the translation of the site.

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